About the Founder & His Story Behind The Podcast

Cano Cardenas started a new venture to sell products to help business owners and professionals. All products are vetted by professionals who are experts at their jobs.

Cano is dedicated and passionate about life, skateboarding, coffee, and now podcasting. He has had podcasts for years discussing mini-hustles. He learns everything he possibly can about it on his own.

Business Values

  • Hustle
  • Motivation
  • Drive
  • Determination

About His Show

When Cano started a podcast, Caffeine & GREEN, he had put his all into it and, paired it with his gift of gab that resulted in a great show. Cano’s eccentric, hip-hop influenced demeanor shines bright throughout his show.

Whether the guest is a longtime homie or a professional from any field, Cano can hold his own in the conversation and have a great time with the guests.


How It Started

A few years ago, other than music and skating, he discovered his love for coffee. A lifelong connection with his favorite caffeinated beverage, lead him to pursue a career as a coffee roaster. Cano started at a coffee shop, learned as much as he could and became the head roaster at 7 Seas Roasting Company in South Park, San Diego.

One day while working, Cano was listening to podcasts and presented the prospect of doing his very own show. His idea was that he knew enough people he could talk to and interview to recurrently host a captivating program. Soon, Cano set up his own self-driven course in Podcasting 101, watched all the videos, read all the articles, invested his time and money into the proper equipment and now started the podcast for everyone.